Last year I drove around the country. Read more. I also have a financial blog: AwfulFinance.com.

I'm Sam Sanders and I'm a free-lance web developer in Greenville, SC. I have a triple bachelor's degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Management Information Systems (MIS) from Florida State University. I am always looking for interesting projects to work on. I have experience in building social networks, Facebook applications, text processing software, financial-related apps, and apps with very large datasets.

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I specialize in developing, maintaining, and updating dynamic, database-driven n-tier web applications.


Programming Languages:

  • .NET with C# (including Console, Windows and Web Applications)
  • PHP
  • Client-side Javascript including the jQuery library
  • HTML, CSS, and DHTML
  • Others, including VB, Delphi, ASP, VBScript, and VBA

Software Experience:

  • IDE's: Visual Studio.NET, Macromedia Dreamweaver, HTML-Kit
  • OS's: Windows (all), Linux (server and desktop)
  • DB's: SQL Server, MySQL
  • Source control: SourceSafe, Perforce, CVS, and Subversion