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PREVIOUS WORK and (below) are both properties of Sprout Commerce, an emerging company in the social web applications field. The site was originally written by other programmers in JSP, but was behind schedule and buggy. A few months after launch, the decision was made to redo the feature set and graphical template, and I was asked to completely rewrite the site in PHP, which I did. The site allows users to recommend products they enjoy to their friends and family. These picks can be added to a Flash "badge" which can be posted on a personal webpage, blog, social profile, or other website. If such a referral results in a purchase from a vendor from our large list of partners, the original poster gets a small percentage of the sale. is a member of the largest affiliate networks available: Commision Junction, Linkshare, Performics, beFree, and

I was the sole developer for this site from the start. Whereas allows a user to review and recommend a specific product, such as a Sony PlayStation 3, allows users to display their favorite brands, celebrities, bands, movies, websites, etc. As with MyPickList, a badge can be created that allows a user to display these brands from their own webpages and collect affiliate commissions in the event a clickthrough sale is made.

I began work on this site while employed for Digitalsmiths Corp. It uses the eBay API to access auction and user data from eBay, and adds several advanced features to aid eBay bidders.

I added the credit-card processing functionality to this site, using the Authorize.NET API over SSL. I also improved and updated the backend admin functionality, which is used by the managers and employees of the tournament to manage ticket sales and other product sales and inventory. is a personal project, a free web application for managing the wishlists of yourself and your friends and family. It includes functionality such as privacy settings, auto-tagging, auto-image discovery, Amazon wishlist importation, and multiple currencies. I began development of this site in August 2005, and issued a press release in October 2005 in time for the 2005 holiday season. My users have been very helpful in suggesting feature requests and changes to the site, and I've got a few more ideas for it as well. At this point, I have over 1,000 registered users and 11,000 items in my database. Stats for the site are available at

Beaufort County, SC School District

While I was working at Digitalsmiths Corp., we acquired the contract to manage the web presence for the Beaufort County school district. We located a third-party content management system and one of my projects was to figure out the new software and manage the transferal of all material from the existing county website to our new site. Our new site would encompass individual school and teacher websites, along with county-wide press releases, job openings, and announcements. After setting up the new website, I gave several on-site presentations to groups of 15-20 teachers at a time, showing them how to transfer their old material to the new site, add new content to the site, and become familiar with all the functionality of the new system.

Funeral Services, Inc. provides firms in the Death Care Industry with accounting and regulatory compliance services and products. My work while I was there was developing their proprietary eContract service, which is a .NET C# Windows application designed to run from a Tablet PC. The goal was to provide our clients the ability to electronically write preneed funeral service contracts in the field to replace their current paper-based systems. This would allow instantly reflecting price quotes and inventory availability, reducing transcription errors, and presentation of detailed sales statistics in the heavily regulated field.

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I worked on this site during my internship with the Florida Division of Emergency Management in Tallahassee, FL. The FDEM is in charge of predicting and managing natural and man-made disasters in the state of Florida. This includes giving lectures and seminars across the state to train various emergency response personnel to cope with different hazards and disasters. The management of these trainings was paper-based when I arrived, so I was charged with implementing a database-driven system. My system is still in use and is located at


Florida State University

I graduated cum laude from FSU in spring, 2005 with a triple bachelor's degree in Finance, Real Estate, and Management Information Systems (MIS). My GPA was 3.52 overall and 3.56 in my majors.

Clemson University

I took 6 credit hours at Clemson as a dual-enrollment student when I was a senior in high school. My classes were MATLAB and C++, and I achieved a 4.0 GPA.

D.W. Daniel High School

I graduated from D.W. Daniel High School in 2000.